Watermelon, Homefries, Canteloupe, Bacon
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  • Orange

    Start your day with some Vitamin C!

  • Canteloupe

    Absolutely Delicious!

  • Watermelon

    Nothing is more Refreshing on a Hot Summer Day!

  • Bagel

    Plain or Raisin. Toasted to perfection.

  • Homefries

    Cooked  to a perfect crisp with vegetable oil and spices. We can also add cheese on top!

  • Ham

    A thick slice of Honey-Glazed Ham.

  • Sausage

    Quality Grilled Sausage Links that will Hit the Spot!

  • Bacon

    Cooked to a crispy perfection.

Ham, Bagel, Sausage, Orange